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The server's gone now, but our memories remain.

A discord server has been created for anyone who wants to rekindle lost friendships.

Invite link here

A wiki that I can better forbid vandalism on is available here. If you, too, are a little tired that some people still have their heads so far up their asses, please follow that link; I will be making backups of any pages on this wiki there.

A little about BullyscraftEdit

Bullyscraft, also known by its alternate IP, was a hub-style server offering Factions, Survival, KitPvP, Creative, Skyblock, Hunger Games, and various Minigames such as Paintball and some kinda superzombie vs weak survivors shit. It was alive for about four years before shutting down in late 2016. It had its ups and downs, but it was ultimately fairly well-loved, as players who "quit" routinely returned.

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